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  1. Date: Tues, 11 Nov 2008
    From: Tracey and Jeremy from Brandon, Manitoba Canada
    Hi Elizabeth,
    We just opened the crate and installed the BEAUTIFUL door! We are amazed at how beautiful it is and we are convinced (as are others) that it truly is the most beautiful door in our city of 50,000! We may be referring some customers to you…many have already asked where we bought it from. Thank you. Tracey
    (Tiffany Collection 6’0″x8’0″ w/sidelights & 3 piece transom pre-finished)

    • Thank you very much for your comment, we are happy that you are satisfied with your door, they are beautiful and we would be happy to work with the customers you refer to us.

  2. Date: Fri, 28 Mar
    From: Anthony from Smithtown, NY
    Got door yesterday. Roadway Exp. did a great job delivering … drop gate, helpful driver … you guys do a nice job crating. I opened 1 end of crate and peered in and could only see door from side angle and looks great. I have a lot of projects going on at the house. Looking to unpack door and install in the next week or so. How long do I have before I need to finish (stain or urethane) door? What products do you recommend? Any other recommendations for installation and care of door?

  3. From: Arnold from Hamlin, ME
    Just a note to say that I am very much pleased with the door I ordered from you. The shipment was received in a timely manner, and very well packed. It was a pleasure doing business with you. The doors are excellent, very good quality and are just as described. I would highly recommend these doors to anyone looking for quality at a very reasonable price. Thanks again.

    • Thank you for your complement, we strive to make sure that your door is safe and secure all the way to your house. Thank you for you recommendation hopefully people will read your comment and feel the same way, thanks again for your time Arnold.

  4. From: Al from Roselle Park, NJ
    Hi Tammy,
    I just wanted to let you know I received my entrance door today. Needless to say I couldn’t be happier. The craftsmanship and quality are incredible along with an affordable price and very prompt delivery. ABF Freight was also Tops. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. My builder was also impressed. Thank you. Al

  5. I recently purchased a door(N-001PH) from you and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent customer service and overall product quality. I was hesitant to order from a picture on the Internet but your sales representative, John, was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable making the purchase. When I was contacted by the staining department I did my best to describe the desired color based on a few samples I had picked out. He completely understood the color I was looking for and matched it perfectly. The door arrived today and it is beautiful! The quality is even better than I expected. I will definitely recommend Nick’s Building Supply!

  6. John, Received the doors and am very impressed with the quality and value.
    Please feel free to use me as a reference should the need arise.
    Thanks for the Shirt!

  7. Hi Dave, Just wanted to let you know that our door was received yesterday on site. What a beautiful piece of work!! (SW-83 w/SW-68 Sidelights and pre-finished) We are planning on installing the door next week some time so we’ll get the full appreciation of it then. It appears that the door was delivered in good repair. Should we find any damage upon unwrapping, we’ll let you know. Thanks so much!!

  8. Everything looks great. sooner the better for delivery. and thanks again, we love our front entry door we got from you a couple months ago. We are hoping to get our overhead garage doors from you as well. Have a great day.

  9. Elizabeth, I just received the doors, they are undamaged and very nice !! Thank you very much for your assistance and I plan on
    buying more doors from you in the future… Thanks, Doug (bi-fold doors)

  10. I just had to take the time to thank you for the beautiful door I received! The customer service was great, and I must admit, I was a little nervous about ordering such a large and expensive item from U.S. to Canada. NO WORRIES!!! It was shipped as promised and the quality is OUTSTANDING!!! I’ve recommended your company to all my friends! Thanks again!! Cathy

  11. Purchased the Vienna (castle) door and have gotten nothing but great comments. Also they did a great job in finishing and staining it. Thanks everyone there at Nick’s.

  12. Puchased the “Vienna” (castle) door – not cheap but well worth it. It sets atone for the whole house. Nicks had excellent customer service and provided additional clavos gratis. Everyone comments on the new door. Thanks


  14. Can you say “hassle free”? boy ordering doors from nicks is easier that shootin fish in a barrel. I saved time from running to the lumber yard to order doors for my daughters new house. John over there was great, he email’d me a form to fill out with the door swings and pictures so i cant make a mistake. The Shipper called and arrived on time with a smartly wrapped box crate of 9 doors in only 12 days! not 6 weeks. We opened it up and everything was labeled, i got em unstained to do it myself, i’m handy that way but they were super nice 5 panel shakers doors with nickle hinges and my daughter Sara is jumpin up n down she really likes them. Thanks John and all at Nicks, you did me a solid. Bill Shelbyville, TN

  15. It would not be fair on my part if I don’t tell the whole story. Tired of main stream looking doors that look half fancy and fiber glass for three or four thousand dollars I found Nick’s web site. I was not so sure if to take the dive into outside wooden doors because I had problems in the past with warping. In a very profesional way they helped me to choose the door I want with the perfect color and weather treatment and the three point lock to avoid warping. It took one week longer that they said but the door arrived impressively packed in a crate. Took it apart, found two little dings on the brick molding but I did not care because the door looked beautiful and they also sent me some extra stain and a funny t-shirt.
    As a profesional installer of doors and windows for 31 years I was impressed with the door, how it was built and how well finished it was. I ran into a problem on installation because the center pin on the six point lock came broken and would not allow me to open the door, I was frustrated for a while but Nicks staff directed me and helped me very professionally and courteously at all moment. They sent me the replacement parts right away at no charge, I was able to finish my door and I have to say I love it and I cannot wait til I can “design” and install my next Nicks door. It’s so beautiful and well built that I dont care about the little accident/ inconvinience I went through.
    Therefore I don’t really know if I more impressed with the best looking door I ever had or the service they provided me with.
    Thank you very much.

  16. Nicks Building Review… I just want to
    Nicks Building Review

    I just want to personally express my appreciation for not only your product, but your attention to every detail. A couple of days ago I got a follow up call from John just to ensure I was totally happy with my purchase. My initial apprehension was paying many $$$ for a product “sight unseen” off a web site. My contractor tried to talk me into a steel or fiberglass door that had the look of wood. Guess what? Those in the style I wanted were over $1000 more!!! He even stated that for custom homes, like mine, mahogany was the way to go…but too expensive. He could not believe his eyes when he saw the crate arrive and looked at the door. He immediately asked for the web site to Nicks Building.

    Thank You for the beautiful wood door.

    Melinda Krashaw

  17. I ordered my door off the web site and could not be more pleased with the quality and look of the door. My builder was very impressed with the beautiful solid wood. Everything went smooth and my expectations were exceeded! I would highly recommend Nicks Building Supply.

  18. Fastenal delivery servicet was very good—they called in advance and delivered the door right to the garage. They showed up exactly when they said they would. All in all it was very good.

  19. Good Morning,
    I received my door yesterday. What a great door with a beautiful and masterful job on the staining! I’m glad I found your Company!
    You are top notch.
    Steve Weissler

  20. Hey Guys
    I got the doors delivered yesterday, I thought they should have come Hung but I talk to Pete and he explained to me that only local delivery, let him know all went well doors are beautiful (6 panel Oak Interior doors and Bi-folds). The delivery man says the doors come with a pretty cool shirt but I didn’t get a T-Shirt, is there any way you guys can send a X-Large my way.
    Thanks all went well
    Mike Heffernan

  21. Elizabeth, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful doors you delivered. The quality is excellent and I’m especially impressed with the stain shop’s work on the Poplar frames. They really look just like the Mahogany doors.

    I will be recommending your shop to my friends and family.

  22. Our door was great. It was installed about a year ago. It looks great fit perfectly and a replacement touch up kit was sent as the first one was damaged on shipping. Even a year later it looks brand new and y contractor was very complimentary of the workmanship. No complaints about dealing with Nicks. My main issue was with the horrible shipping company ABF. They are unreliable, dishonest, don’t return phone calls and charge for things they never told you about. Such a nice door should be shipped with a better company.

  23. The Oak Dutch Door arrived in excellent condition. The carpenter installed and stained it yesterday. It makes my office here at my place of business seem so stylish. It is great quality and really pretty. Thank you so much.

  24. I just want to thank you for your attention to detail and making us feel welcome in your business. You were a great help with our custom door. My wife is excited to see the end product and install it. We will be referring you to all our friends. Great Business and thanks again.

  25. Elizabeth! I need the other door ( right hand) to be the main door. reverse doors for main entrance. you can send me another drawing if you like, just reverse the doors.
    Pastor Alonzo

  26. Elizabeth! thanks for a job well done. I will stay in contact, thanks for the tee shirt also , if you have any brochures please sent me on.
    be bless.
    pastor: Alonzo G.

  27. Hi Elizabeth, just wanted to shoot you a quick note to tell you how beautiful our door is, and to thank you for making the last minute changes….I’m SO glad I changed the door swing from my original thoughts…

    Best regards,
    Deb Repsold

  28. To Whom it may concern–
    I was really impressed with the door, transom and sidelites that were delivered to me. The door is stunning and the packaging was excellent. It is a pleasure to do business with a company such as yours. I will recommend your firm to all of my associates in the construction business.


    Steve Davenport
    Goodland Properties
    St. Augustine, Florida

  29. We love our door. Nick’s customer service is very professional and knowledgable. They answered all my questions. My order was processed quickly. My door arrived in perfect shape. The shipper was extremely helpful. I was concerned about ordering a front door on-line but could not find a door locally that was as beautiful or within my budget as the door we bought from Nick’s. I would recommend them again and again. Our new front door is beautiful.

  30. I Bought my doors from Nicks Building Supply, or over 4 years ago. The Door have held up over the years. However, recently, our new family puppy scratched the doors heavily. Not knowing what do, I called for some advice on what to do. They transferred me over to customer service. The guy wanted me to send him pictures of the damage & he will “get back with me”. It took some time, but he did contact me back. He told me that they will send me out a stain touch up kit to the color they have on file & I should receive it in the mail. When I got the stain, I called back in not knowing what to do. Pete walked me through all that I needed to do. He was very nice and patient with me & I fixed the scratched doors & now they look just like new :) !!
    – All in All I am very happy with how they helped me -

  31. The first item we found for our new construction was an exquisite front door with side lights from Nick’s Building. I very excitedly ordered the doors after conversations with John and Domenic. John was the sales rep who took all of the information and walked me through each question thoroughly so I understood door manufacturing lingo. He also recommended a beautiful sidelight. I was told when I would expect delivery based on the number of steps it took to manufacture and stain the door. I had no questions, Natalie called ME and told me the door was ready to ship. Their Customer Service is courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. I can’t tell you how pleased and how many compliments we’ve already received, and half the door is covered as the house is still under construction. I would recommend Nick’s to anyone in need of a special door. Also, Matt from Final Touch Wood Finishing is all about quality and customer Service.
    Thank you all,
    Colleen Sardelli

  32. I wanted to email you to let you know that the door is absolutely perfect. I greatly appreciate your input on stain color and guiding me in the right direction. We could no be more happy with the color and finish quality of the door. Thank you

  33. Just finished staining, polying and installing door, and all I can say is WOW ! The door is simply stunning, have got several compliments on it already. Was skeptical about ordering on-line, if it would look as good as the picture on the website. But the whole process of ordering through Nick’s was simple, and any questions I had were promptly answered and very helpful, putting me at ease. Congrats to all the staff at Nick’s Building ! You have one happy and very satisfied customer.

  34. This door was designed by my wife and I and presented to Nick’s for a bid and subsequent construction. It is unique as it is made up of two different wood species. We specified Sapele on the outside and Cherry on the inside necessitating labor intensive if not creative methodologies for construction. The response from Nick’s sales rep was, “Send us what you
    want and we’ll build it”. It made no difference that there was an inch or two difference here and there from standard door measurements. Mullions, rails and stiles were all to the design we submitted. The decorative glass was also a perfect fit. Miter joints were tight as were butt joints where mortise and tenon construction was used for strength. We specified only a
    protective finish eschewing any stain and are completely satisfied since all the wood is heart wood on either side.

    I am a cabinet maker and my wife has designed most of the furniture in our house. We are both completely satisfied with the workmanship and finish. The packing was perfect for the trip to Ogdensburg on the Canadian Border of Northern New York State.

    We live just a few miles from a custom door company that
    makes custom doors for all over the world and found that Nick’s was able to meet our design specs and at a price some $2000 less.

    The staff was/is easy to work with and communicated readily and often as the questions and situations demanded. We were involved in the process
    all the way.

  35. Perfect in all ways
    Found all the doors online. Prices seemed good so I made the order. I was contacted twice to ensure there accuracy of the order as well as to make sure what I choose would work with my application. The door arrived quickly. Directions were accurate. Print could have been bigger, but that’s just my eyes. The Wood Door went up easily and looks beautiful. Works like a charm. Only problem is now I have to fix up the building to look as good as the door. Price was very affordable. the only issue was the crate was very heavy so we need 3 people to help unload the door. thanks again Nicks

  36. Good people, good product and they take care of you.

    Nicks Building is great. I ordered 35 Interior doors from them in two separate deliveries. For the first delivery, everything was perfect. During the second, there was a miscommunication and a different door was delivered. They did an amazing job at fixing the mistake. They were cordial and nice. They worked with me all the way through until I was satisfied. You don’t find a lot of companies like them.

  37. Attached is the picture of the door, I hung it this past weekend. I framed out the arched opening and paneled it in mahogany to match the door. In this picture I have not yet machined and installed the trim on the side panels and transom panel. I will be machining mahogany trim to match the trim in the door so the side panels and transom look the same as the door, and finsh the panels to the brick. So even though it is not finished, you can get an idea of how it will look when it is all done.

    I can’t tell you how much we love the door, it is exactly what I wanted… I spent a lot of time researching and that was the style we wanted. And most importantly the boss loves it (my wife)!

  38. I’ve purchased mahogany interior doors from this vendor for two renovations, one in Chicago and one in Naples, Florida. Nick’s sent me stain samples on large mahogany chips and arranged to have the doors stained and sealed by a contractor near their facility. The finishes were flawless. Becky was also very helpful , The doors were then hung into jambs and shipped as assembled units. These were large orders, and everything arrived on time, as ordered, and in excellent condition. Both my builders were impressed by the doors, especially given their reasonable price, and numerous visitors to my homes have asked where I obtained them. I’ve now lived with these doors in the Naples renovation for six years. The finishes have held up very well, I am designing a new home and plan to use these doors for the third time.

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